Chicago Computer Classes by Chi Brander Inc. has a good number of excellent instructors to teach students from introductory to advanced levels. Our hands-on computer training method involves application of theories that maximizes learning. We call it giving our clients the “real world experience”.

Part of our endeavor is also helping students have their own real world experience. We know that many students have only imagined of exploring other parts of the world and enjoy a great adventure.

We are looking again for one who really wants to make that dream happen. If you think this is you, read on to know the details of our scholarship.

What scholarship?

We are giving a seed money of $2,000 to a passionate student dreaming of going to places or doing adventurous stuff. This is what our yearly Real World Experience Scholarship is for—we want to help students in fulfilling their adventurous quest.

You only have to be a certified student to qualify for the scholarship. No payment will be required.

I want to apply, but how?

FIRST, make a simple vision board: this can contain photos, inspiring words, and activities that will capture and visually express your dream escapade. Save it as .jpeg file.

SECOND, write a unique piece about what you would do if you are given a day to travel to your dream destination or experience an ultimate adventure. You may write a DIY itinerary or a walkthrough of your adventure as you imagine it. You can be as creative as you want, but just make sure that:

  • Written piece is at least 500 words and will not exceed 1000 words
  • Essay is saved as a pdf file
  • Last page of essay file contains: your full name, home address, contact number and a brief 100-word biography 

THIRD, email us at with these attachments: vision board, essay file and your proof of enrollment.

When can I submit my application?

We are already accepting applicants and will close the applications on April 15, 2018. We usually announce the winner by the end of April every year, so we can have 2 weeks of applicant evaluation. The winning applicant will be contacted through the provided contact details and the 2000-dollar check will be mailed afterwards.

Important notes:

  • Winning piece and vision board will be featured in our website. Permission to post is automatically granted to when you submit your work.
  • We assure you of 100% confidentiality on the personal details you will send us. We will not disclose sensitive information to anyone.
  • Only those who haven’t won the REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE SCHOLARSHIP in the past years can join.