jQuery Class – Introduction
The Most Popular JavaScript Library

$789.99 - up to 10 attendees
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$65 per each Additional Student
One Day (4 Hours)
  • Class by a Professional Developer

    Training by a professional developer with working experience using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery and other server-side programming languages.

  • OnSite Training

    At your office, home, conference room.. you name it. Training at your location, at your convenience.

  • Course Covers

    jQuery Basic Syntax
    jQuery Selector
    hide, show
    slideUp, slideDown, fadeIn, fadeOut, delay
    Chaining methods
    toggle, slideToggle, fadeToggle
    html method
    css method
    Event Binding, on method
    DOM Traversal – children, siblings, parent, prev, next, eq, first, last, closest methods.
    remove(), empty() method
    attr method
    addClass, removeClass, toggleClass methods
    find, filter methods
    is, not methods
    Using callbacks
    animate method, stop()
    Using HTML5 data attributes
    Using this
    Get & Set text(), html(), and val()
    append(), prepend(), after() and before() methods
    each() method
    length property

  • Prerequisites

    Intermediate HTML
    Intermediate CSS
    Basic JavaScript

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