Excel Consulting Services

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks

    We can automate very complex tasks for Excel. Those repetitive tasks that you had to do before you now don’t have to. We are here to make your life easy and get things done fast.

  • Save Time and Money

    Things you were spending weeks to get done will now be complete within minutes. Think of the savings you were missing all these years!

  • Macros (VBA)

    Let us program all the Macros you need.

  • Excel Custom Functions

    Are there functions you need that Excel doesn’t have out of the box? No problem, we can create custom functions for you.

  • Excel Spreadsheets

    Let us work with your workbooks or we’ll create the workbook you need.

  • Excel Reports & Data Analysis

    We’ll work with any size of data and make sure you get the reports to help you make important business decisions.

  • Connect with Other Sources and API

    Not only we automate tasks in Excel, we connect it with other data sources, APIs and World Wide Web. Now your Excel documents can come to life like they never did before.

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Microsoft Excel Consulting Services - Chicago, IL
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 2 reviews
 by Zack
macros now do what she spent literally 20 hours a week doing

As our company grew it became impossible for our data entry girl to keep up. I've called several places and they said these tasks were too complex to automate, so I've decided to call Chicago Computer Classes to bring someone here to train the girl to to speed up the process. Long story short, he offered to build some macros for us. These macros now do what she spent literally 20 hours a week doing within seconds. If you need Excel work done, this is the right place.

 by Aaron
Consulting Service

The highlight of the day was him writing some Python code to accomplish what we were trying to do.