Whatever you have in mind, from the most simple to complicated project, we have it covered.

Web Design & Development

What separates us from other web design companies is that we have our priorities set right. Our number one priority is for the website to work for you, generate leads, generate sales, or any other action that it’s important for you as a website owner. It’s a well-known fact that best websites are not the ones that are simply looking good, the best websites are the websites that connect users to the website owner in a way both parties enjoy and benefit.

  • Supercharged for Conversions

    With that in mind our number one priority is to build a website with best marketing practices in mind for user experience, search engine visibility and maximized for best possible conversions.

  • Design

    Now just because we have our number one priority what it is doesn’t mean that your website design needs to suffer in any way. Rest assured that we will design it so that it will be an eye candy as we’ll.

  • One Website - All Devices

    With growing number of multi-sized devices it is becoming more and more important to have a responsive website to make sure your visitors get best experience from their visits. No need to have a separate website for mobile and desktops, now you can have one responsive website that looks and acts right on all devices.

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Chicago Web Design & Development
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 9 reviews
 by Chris F.
Great Web Design Company for a Local Business

I was having problems collecting email addresses from my customers to bring more business to my pizza restaurant. Not only am I getting more sign-ups than I could have imagined on my website, they also took the time to show up at my place and set up a nice app on my iPad so that we don't have to manually enter handwritten emails into the mailing list. For years my website has been more trouble for me than it was worth, with a few tactical changes I can finally see things differently now. Thank you!

 by Brian
Web Design

They took my idea & came back with something from a completely different angle that was ingenious! You get marketing expertise and guidance along the way with these guys which puts them ahead of other web design companies. They genuinely want you to succeed. I’m glad we have talents like these in Chicago.

 by Travis
Chicago web design company with a different concept.

You'll immediately notice the difference when you start working with web developers from Chicago Computer Classes. They are absolutely not interested in just designing you a pretty website, I felt like I was schooled how to properly present my own business and by doing that they've earned my business. They're a young company with a lot of talented people behind it - give them a chance and you'll be glad you did.

 by Lidia
Too opinionated for me

I was asked to leave my honest review so here it is: if you know exactly what you want from your website than dealing with developers from Chicago Computer Classes can be more trouble than it’s worth. I had a design sketch and I wanted my website to look exactly like that and I was approached several times with ideas to change layout, colors and other things that would have “improved” the user experience for my visitors and “increase search engine visibility” of the website. To be fair they did design the site exactly as I wanted in the end and I’m happy with the results, but maybe they should keep their marketing experts only for the times when they are asked to participate.

Lidia, I am sorry you feel that way. Our suggestions were made with our best intentions in mind and I didn't realize they were irritating you. I hope it won't stand on the way of us working together again and I promise absolutely no suggestions next time on your projects unless specifically asked.

 by Jimmy
They fixed my hacked website!

My wordpress website was hacked and it was being wiped off again every time our old web designer tried to recover it. I was feeling hopeless since we didn't have a backup. These guys fixed it within a day, they found what they called the “backdoor” that was allowing the hacker to attack my site again. Very professional, they really know their craft.

 by Mark
Restored my faith

Brilliant service from this team. They restored my faith & trust in website designers after experiencing the horrors of half qualified money grabbers. I can genuinely recommend them to anyone who wants a well-developed, business optimized & beautifully designed website.

 by Joseph
Real Talent

I have worked with Kevin for over 5 years, way before he was a part of Chicago Computer Classes: he is a real mastermind when it comes to bringing traffic to your website and saving your time not wasting it on things that are not important. He is like a walking encyclopedia and I can’t imagine having a web design project where he is not involved. You may not always want him as a web designer or developer for your project but consulting with him before you start anything is a must in order to have everything structured right from both development and marketing standpoint. What’s unique about Kevin is that he doesn't care about websites, he cares about ideas, businesses and goals.

 by Terry
Excellent web development company, they go beyond what you ask

The software we were using to manage our vendors was built on old Windows 95 and it wasn't even working on our new machines, so we had to keep a separate computer with old operating system to do this. We just wanted something that would work on our new machines, but instead we were given something that automated our entire workflow. They built a custom system for our unique needs and 80% of tedious data entry we used to do is done for us automatically now. If you are looking for a professional web design company in Chicago area, look no further.

 by Jess
WordPress Plugin

They coded a WordPress quiz plugin for my website that nobody else was able to figure out how without costing me an arm and a leg.