Python Programming Class – Introduction to Python 3.5

1-On-1 Training - One Day Class
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One Day (4 Hours)
  • Class by a Professional Developer

    Training by a professional developer with working experience using Python and other server-side programming languages.

  • OnSite Training

    At your office, home, conference room.. you name it. Training at your location, at your convenience.

  • Course Covers

    Introduction to Python
    Basic Syntax
    Variable Assignment
    Math Operations
    String Operations
    Evaluating Variables
    If Statements
    And, Or, and Not
    While Loops
    For Loops
    Looping through Sequences
    Creating Functions
    Function Parameters and Default Arguments
    Returning Data from Functions
    Function Variable Scope
    Complex Data Structures
    Importing Modules
    Exception Handling with try…except
    Else and Finally
    Reading from Files
    Reading Lines from Files
    Reading JSON from Files
    Writing and Appending to Files
    Using ‘with’ to Manage Resources

  • Prerequisites

    Basic Math skills required.
    Basic computer skills required.

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